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Healing Sanctuary

Wellness Retreat: This Nov 5th Saturday

A full day is $160 – a bargain!

Food, fun and sunshiny vibes

Treat Yourself!

“Cover Me in Sunshine”

7am Meditation (Saturday and Sunday) with Deniz Orak – Shamballa Yoga Bridgetown

A morning Meditation and Mindfulness Session. We begin with breathwork to get us out of our head and into our body, calming the nervous system. A short movement meditation will be followed by a seated silent meditation.

8am Breakfast

9.30am Dance Your Qi with Cathy Rabbitt – Heartfelt Journeys Northcliffe

Dance Your Qi is a wellness routine promoting energy, vitality, strength and flexibility. Based on Chinese meridians and elements, the practice clears and opens meridians allowing organs to function at their optimum.

The session includes breathing, Shiatzu self-massage, dance/movement, Makko Ho stretches and Meditation.

10.30am I Ching a Talk by Ava Harrison

Ava is the Co-founder and Director of Harrison Assessments International & Founder of the Mindfulness Communication Methodology. She has provided I Ching Consultation for 25 years and studied human development for over 40 years. She has facilitated countless retreats and workshops, specializing in balancing living systems. She is an active member of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Community (TCM).

11.30 Gentle Yoga – Ali Kelsall

Ali has been teaching Yoga in Northcliffe for a year, since graduating and taking over from Gwen (our Host), who was too busy creating the lovely Yoga space at Pumphill!

This is a Hatha style yoga class, suitable for all ability levels. Guided breathwork, asana, relaxation and pranayama practise

12.30 Lunch

1.30pm Rainbow Gold – Koki Colour Angels Ta Rainbow Gold established her Kolor Kinesiology Centre to bring awareness to Color Healing from her rich and varied experiences as a visionary. Her qualifications include an Associate Degree in Theology and she has published in several professional journals. Her Children’s book, “Dolphin Dreams”, will be available for sale, as will her training manuals including “Unlock Your Potential”. All she shares comes from an authentic heart.

2.30pm Sacred story & Yin Yoga – Deniz Orak A luxuriously gentle and receptive Yin class. Deniz will inter weave an ancient story of the Sacred Feminine Archetype, reminding you of the universal theme and journey of the Heroine. Allowing you to activate your own inner heroine.

3.30pm Sound Meditation – Cathy Rabbitt

Sound Journey and Bath to bring you back to balance. Cathy utilizes toning, medicine drum, ocean drum, rain stick, native drum, chimes, singing bowls and rattle to bring your Chakras into balance and create deep relaxation and a calm mind.

6.00pm Dinner, Music, Dancing and Cacao Ceremony

SUNDAY 6’* November

7.00am Meditation with Deniz

8.00am Yoga with Ali

9.00am Pack up

Book a private 45 min session $50 – If you want to book a session, be quick. Spaces limited!

What’s on offer?

Bron Whiteford – A Place of Healing in Bridgetown Bron is a qualified herbalist who works with women on a physical and energetic level. She specialises in hormonal health, incorporating herbs, flower essences and healing. She will offer gentle grounded healing, working with wise women magic and sound. Each session is unique and unknown. Give yourself permission to reconnect to your Soul Self and Mother Gaia.

Cathy Rabbitt – Heartfelt Journeys

Cathy is passionate about shining her light so that others may be able to shine theirs. Dance Your Qi and Sound Journeys are two of the ways that she gets to do this. Cathy loves seeing people light up with joy when they experience her sessions for the first time. She is a holistic creative therapist and disability support companion, living off grid in Northcliffe. She loves to share her passion for wellness of mind, body, spirit and emotions. Cathy has found these practices have shown her the way back to her Divine, Authentic Self, and gives her the courage to follow her Heart and walk her sacred path. She invites you to join her on a Heartfelt Journey with a difference.

Danielle Mottrom – Muscle Balance – Manjimup Danielle is passionate about natural health and helping people and animals. She uses the Emmett Technique with light touch muscle release therapy, to relieve pain, tension and discomfort, aid relaxation and improve body movement. The Emmett lymphatic drainage sequence can reduce edema, relax and calm the body, enhance immunity and aid recovery during illness.

Deniz Orak – Shamballa Massage & Yoga – Bridgetown Deniz is inspired by seeing her clients thrive and radiate health. She supports them through massage therapy, reiki, yoga and meditation. She also holds workshops to encourage growth and presence called “Feminine Alchemy”. Follow her on fb to find out what else she offers. Why not book a Massage and Reiki session.

Dani White – Danearth Northcliffe.

Dani’s qualifications include Advanced Diploma’s in Naturopathy, Herbalism and Nutrition. Dani has also been making her own skincare range for the past 15 years. A private session focuses on health challenges, using a holistic approach. She can advise on dietary and lifestyle needs, herbal remedies and supplements – additional cost if required. Or try a Flower reading, using West Australian flower essences. Flower essences are a form of energy medicine which can address profound issues of emotional wellbeing, soul development and mind body health. An essence individually formulated for you is included in the price. Danearth Products will be available to purchase.

Rainbow Gold – Kolor Kinesiology

Kolor Kinesiology sessions address different energy levels of your Bio body. Each session is uniquely formed and may be based on the story your teeth tell and the story your Aura tells. It uses colour to heal.

Discounted Healing Colour Essences extra $15 Other books and essences by Rainbow will be on sale at reduced prices.

Ava Harrison

See above for information about Ava.

1 Ching readings. $55 with Ava’s book $50 without.

Ali Kelsall – Intuitive Massage and Reiki Try a soothing neck and shoulder massage to release tension build up. Reiki energetic healing to realign your chakras, centring and grounding your energy. Provides relaxation and supports our innate ability to heal from within, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Please phone Gwen at Pump Hill Farm 97761379 to organise accommodation

Remember just $160 for the whole day!

Book your Yoga Sessions and Private Sessions. Spaces limited so get in quick!!

Accommodation call Pump Hill Farm at 97761379 or email

Book call Ali 0427 186 058

Direct Deposit BSB 066-517

Acc 10174274

Please send copy of transaction to book your spot.

To allow for catering, please book and pay by Sunday 30th October.